About Our Asian Stomping Ground

Our Asian Stomping Ground details the adventures of a couple of ‘farangs’ (white people) planning their journey, and travelling rough around Asia for (at least) seven months.

The goal of this journey is to live simply, explore deeply, learn wisely, eat wholey, thrive on adventure and change, and most of all – not be tourists, but instead travellers.

Daily life will be simplistic and luxuries will be few, but it will always be a fulfilling experience. The backpacker’s lifestyle will become the ‘norm’, and instead of so often taking the things for granted, we hope to realise more fully; to understand and appreciate the absolute wealth that we have in so many ways.

Culture, history, architecture, people, lifestyle, tradition and food are the main interests of this trip – to see parts of the world so rich and different to our routine 9 to 5 lifestyle back home.

This trip is going to teach us so much. Not just about the world, but about ourselves and the way we view things and handle situations, deal with difficultues, stressors, exctitements, dissappointments, fears, successes, people, and life. We understand there are so many exciting prospects ahead, but also challenges to be faced in the coming months.
There are promises we must make to look out for one another, work together with each other, and most of all, make the most of every moment of this big, big journey.

For us, travelling is one of the most important things in this life – it opens your eyes to the world, to life, to experience, to people, to adventure, to light, to sound, to smell, to taste, to love, and to more than you and I can even begin to imagine.

Come with us as we make Asia our home.

Happy Travels.

13 thoughts on “About Our Asian Stomping Ground

    • Thank you! We’re always open to insight – we haven’t planned on Bhutan (for this trip!) but we’ve still got a couple of months left in India… we’ve learned a lot having been here for a month and a bit already, but there is a lot more to learn, that’s for sure!
      Thanks for stopping by our blog! 🙂

  1. I like your blog. You’re right traveling is one of the most important things in life. It shows you different cultures and opens you up to new ideas, but it also lets you reflect on your own ideas and thoughts. A few days ago I say you come across my blog. I am a photojournalist who has been traveling around the world for her entire life. If you ever run across journalism jobs on your travels and want to share my blog with someone, feel free. I am currently looking for a international journalism job.

  2. Heya, thanks for liking my posts. I’ve spent a lot of time travelling through Asia — I’m actually in Thailand right now, having spent a little over a month in Burma in March-April. Just on the three-month-mark now, and no plans to return yet! Have a fantastic trip.

    • Oh Amazing! You must be having the best time! We’d love to talk to you about your trip!
      We’re Melbourne locals too 🙂 Is your trip open-ended return? Where are you off to next?

      • Things are pretty open-ended right now. I like it that way. Not sure where to next. I’ve just spent some time in a Burmese refugee camp, doing some research. If you’re after any specific advice, feel free to drop me a line at marleenaforward(at)gmail.com

  3. the top photo is amazing nice! All of them is involved in something, none is with face on the camera…i like it very much!

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