Our Flights are Booked

So our flights are booked, confirmed and paid for. It still doesn’t seem ‘real’, really, that in 5 odd months, we’ll be heading to Asia. Perhaps that’s partly due to the fact that I booked and paid for the flights well after midnight, whilst Jake snoozed next to me, unaware of the fact that “we are officially going now!”

But, it’s getting more exciting by the minute, and clouding our daily thoughts. Jake sent me a text message yesterday saying “I’m getting really excited about this trip”, and I could barely contain myself – I’d used up every bit of will power I had by mid-morning, trying not to blurt out to random strangers in the shop I work in, that “Yes! It’s true, I’m out of here in 5 months!… oh, sorry, can I help you with something?”

There is so much to think about now, and to organise. To learn, research, read about, book, plan, and let us not forget – money we need to save! Visas, flights, accomodation, immunisations (yay!), medicals, health precautions, travel insurance etc.
We’re living on an “Australian Shoe-String” budget and scrimping in order to save – “what we scrimp on now, we can enjoy in Asia” is something Jake is already getting tired of hearing me say!

We’ve joined a gym and have pretty much given up on sugar – besides the occasional bubble cup – in order to be of optimum health when we depart for our big trip. We know all too well from experience that backpacking in Asia can be taxing on the body and on the immune system, and considering everywhere we are going basically is either a 3rd world country or has pretty poor to average health/hygiene standards, we feel we need to be in pretty good shape when we embark on our adventures. Also, considering the fact that we plan to eat our way around Asia, we need to have healthy stomachs that will be able to fight back at the onslaught of foreign foods and mountains of chilli they will have to deal with.

We’ve started scouring travel forums, books and guide books, internet sites and anything else we can source information from, and Jake has been drawing useful information out of his work colleuges who are natives from some of the countries we are going to visit… So handy!

We’ve decided to have “meetings” almost daily, with an agenda of what needs to be discussed/planned/booked/organised etc., and just to have a general chat about our trip, and pump each other up with excitement!!! We are organised people at heart, and this will work for us.

So, now the planning begins; it’s going to be a lot of work, but the count down is on and we are getting excited!
Heres to announcing our Big Asia Trip!

We are off to 7 Countries: Malaysia (9 days), Sri Lanka (4 weeks), India (3 months), Burma (Myanmar) (3.5 weeks), Thailand (2.5 weeks), Vietnam (4 weeks) and Singapore (5 days over New Years Eve)

We hope over the next 12 months or so, to contribute to this blog regularly; fill it with our experiences, excitements, and challenges. To offer you our experiences and our new found knowledge [or our realised lack of] and share with you things that guide books will not. We hope to be able to offer advice, tips and our thoughts on countries, whilst keeping honest and open minded opinions. We’d love you to share your thoughts with us too.

This is our travel journal, and we will bear all. So come with us as we backpack, travel, explore, experience, and especially, eat our way through Asia.

Happy Travels,

Em xx