How many more days of work?

It’s now February, which means there is LESS than 5 months until we depart!

On Wednesday just passed (which was the 30th of January), I had a realisation that, “Holy crap! In exactly 5 months from now, we will be on that plane to Malaysia!” This of course then sparked the idea of killing some time by calculating how many days, weeks, and shifts left at my job there are!

Here are the stats I scribbled down:

5 months until we leave
150 days
44 more shifts in this place
65 more shifts at the other place I work
41 days off work to plan for our trip
150 days in which I should be not making excuses as to why I can not go to gym…

So, the count down has really started, and now it feels very real.

So. We are starting a list. A list of things we need to prepare for and do, before our big adventure. If you have anything to add, feel free to! This will be a work in progress.

Important Stuff:
– Open a bank acount and commit to a set amount to deposit each week
– Start a budget
– Save like never before
– Em: finish your studies before June!
– Jake: finish your thesis before April!

Travel Stuff:
– Travel Insurance
– Get more passport photos taken for Visas, and to have on hand
– Organise Visas, apply for visas, pay for visas, get visas
– Book the remaining flight paths
– Read like crazy every travel book, forum, guide, article etc… No, Jake, that does not include Manga!
– Photocopy doccuments for family members and each other
– Give flight itinerary to family members
– Read through guide books we purchased, and start planning the routes we want for each country
– Start planning and researching and finding out about the places we want to go to in each country.
– Start making a general time line
– Make a budget for when we are over seas
– Look at the travel gear we have, and then work out what travel gear we still need.
– Jake needs new travel shoes. And should probably stock up on thongs/flip-flops-jandals (whatever you call them) for the duration of the trip… size 16/ EU 51 feet are hard to accomodate for when buying shoes in Asia…
– Adaptor Plugs
– Finalise a Packing list and Pack backpacks

Medical Stuff:
– Dentist Checkups
– Orthodontist Checkup for Em
– Travel Doctor Appointment (February)
– Any outstanding jabs to be had, must be endured
– Prepare and organise all medication for travel, along with doctors letters etc. Photocopy this stuff too.
– ‘Build’ up a first aid kit
– Em – begin vetetarian diet one month before departure, book appointment with dietition.

House Stuff:
– Organise Jake’s car
– Sort through our belongings and try to get rid of the stuff that is clogging up so much of our space
– Store our good stuff – thanks mum!
– Try and sell the useless stuff – what we don’t actually need
– Give to the salvo’s the stuff we don’t want to keep and are too lazy to sell… and of course, because we are generous people.
– Finalise and cease renting

Other Stuff:
– Redirect Mail
– Mobile phones – whats happening with them?
– Call Plan International – organise a visit to Em’s sponsor child in India
– Buy AU netbook plug
– Quit our jobs
– Keep going to gym

…Well, with less than 5 months to go, and many things on that list which can’t be done until the last moment… is there anything else we can add?

6 thoughts on “How many more days of work?

  1. Get ready for everything in your life to go wrong. I am leaving for my big trip in 5 days and the last month has been the biggest emotional roller-coaster of my life! Everything that can go wrong will, but the way I have chosen to look at is that you have to have a particularly turbulent period so it is smooth sailing on the trip! That moment when you have checked your bag in waiting for the plane to board will be when you can finally breathe out and relax!

    • Oh no! I hope it doesn’t! We know the feeling thought – you can finally relax when you board your flight! We look forward to reading about your travels – let us know how you go following our top ten list! 😀

  2. I thought I’d check out your blog since you commented on mine. And I’m absolutely inspired! And jealous!
    This is such an awesome endeavor – the kind of thing that so many people dream of doing and never have the courage to actually accomplish. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures. I read the About page and the page with your travel plans, and now seeing this list, I feel like dropping everything and going somewhere right now. Haha

    • So happy to inspire others about travel and to travel – we are always so inspired by others and their stories; it’s a great feeling.
      Thank you for reading, keep following along 🙂

  3. Wow, holy mother of organization! It sounds like a. you have a lot to do. and b. you will very likely get it done because one of the most important things needed to get something done is to have a list. You don’t even have to have the best list, just have one. The fact that you have one shows that you have the desire to get it done right. Ill take that over complacency any day of the week. Thanks for the reminder! – Kaufman Fields – DMESupplygroup

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