Incredible, Exciting, Overwhelming, Terrifying India


It’s a place I often try to imagine, but I doubt very much my imagination will prepare me for what India will throw at us in reality.

The thought of India is overwhelming for me – so much comes to mind. Where do I start?

India seems tantalising on every sensory level. It’s enticing and repulsive at the same time, and just so endlessly fascinating for me… I imagine exotic markets and bazars selling everything and anything, goats and cows wandering through busy alleyways, pots of spices, noise and beeping horns, lethal traffic and jaw-droppin architecture, bare feet and sweating skin, the smell of foods, spices and chai mixes with offensive and pungent scents, smoke and insence, light, smells, and oh so much colour…

India does so much for me, without even so much as stepping into the country. It feeds my thoughts with colour and light and life and sound, and it fills my nostrils with scents and smells; burning insence and the smells of smoke, curry and chillies. It delights my tastebuds with new culinary discoveries, and sets my mouth on fire with spices. It surrounds me with millions of people, and takes my breath away with its beauty and spirituality. It humbles me and challenges my perspectives, and it changes my view of the world…

It also terrifies me.

The idea of travelling in India is overwhelmingly frightening. With all that colour and light, people and smiles, beauty and grace, sounds and smells…there is an unknown that scares me.

I worry about our travels there; our safety and our health…I worry about our security, transport, and how we can keep our health Dheli-belly free…

We plan on being in India for three months; almost half of our travels will be in the one country. We want to see as much as we can – see the diversity of the land, and what each part has to offer. We want to see the different natural landscapes, and taste the different styles of food in the South and the North. We want to experience the different weather conditions, the different people, the cities and the towns… We want to experience India; not just tourist India, but real India.

Jake and I are scared about India, yes; no doubts. But also so unbelievably excited. We look forward to everything; this whole new world – the good, the not so good, the challenges, and sometimes…even the frightening. We’ll go with open minds and open hearts, and hopefully leave with them full. I guess thats what travel is about… and why I love it so much.

We’re not quite ready yet, but with a little bit of planning and more research, I think we’ll be almost as ready as you can be for India…

And if not… then at least we’ve got 3 weeks in Sri Lanka before hand to ‘warm us up.’

What are your thoughts on India?

7 thoughts on “Incredible, Exciting, Overwhelming, Terrifying India

  1. As veteran travelers, I’m sure that all the typical things that put most people off while in India won’t be new to you.With its enormous population, India can be very noisy. Bring ear plugs, an open heart and don’t be afraid to say NO when required…and be prepared to fall in love!

  2. India is AMAZING! Well I Love it! Every single time I return to India, I get a whole new experience. Have lotsa fun, be prepared to pose for lotsa pictures with random strangers haha! Once you get used to the chaos, its an experience you’ll cherish. And of cos, I’m always there if you need assistance with anything. 🙂 Safe Travels!

  3. great thats a good start! if ur here for summer do be prepared.. hydrate and cool your body. Do have protection against moquitoes.. you get natural organic sprays or regular keep them with you always!
    Real local street food is a bad idea..We get away with it cos our Immune systems are used to it,so even if you see us eating best to stay away from them. Cheap but good quality food will be available in Vegetarian establishments like Saravana Bhavan or Adigas in the south every city even the north will have the chain of Vegetarian restaurants.Pick one and you will get an idea of what regular food is here Food streets in Mumbai,Delhi or other cities are reliable take a call as you see fit. Oreven just walking around will give you a good idea of the food culture.
    Stand firm with Rickshaw wallahs and Taxi wallahs firangs are soft targets 🙂
    Trust your intuition with people as alot of them will be friendly some overly! But its easy to make friends with ;locals here and you can very easily get a picture of what life is like for us everyday
    Buses are the cheapest way to travel and well connected as well as crowded.
    Temples are the most historical buildings in India and maybe some British era ones. Temples also give out free food everyday and its actually quite good!!

    Well wow thats a lot of info but hopefully useful! If there is anything else you would like to know do let me know 🙂

  4. Hahaha India is all that more ! Its the biggest Paradox if you me.. and for all that I call it home.
    your coming here with an open heart so trust me India will embrace you 🙂

    Have a great trip.
    If you want any assistance do ask, will be glad to help

    • Thank you for your kind words, and your offer! If you’ve got tips, suggestions, or anything that could possibly make our transition into India less confronting, and don’t mind sharing – we’d be so happy to hear about it and oh so grateful. Em’s been reading every forum, guide, blog, article etc. on India, and watching doccumentaries and youtube clips… It’s so exciting!

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