Our Travel Plans

We have big travel dreams. Big, big dreams.

We’ve been struck with severe wanderlust, and it seems the only cure is travel!

Our upcoming big trip is obviously Asia. We’ve dipped our feet into the ‘water’ so to speak, and we have been ‘homesick’ for Asia ever since… We fell head over heels in love with the lifestyle, culture, people, food, and the absolute assult that Asia is on every sensory level – we can not wait to get back in the thick of it again!

Our Travel Plans:

June/July – Mainland Malaysia – 4 days

July – Sri Lanka – 3.5 weeks

July/August/September – India – 2 months

September – Nepal – 8 days

October – Japan – 3 weeks

October/November – Burma – 2.5 weeks

November – Thailand, North – 2 weeks

November/December – Vietnam – 4 weeks

December/January – Singapore – 5 days

January – Malaysia Borneo – 2.5 weeks

January 22, 2014 – Depart for Australia

4 thoughts on “Our Travel Plans

    • We will be spending around 3 weeks in Malaysia in total, (Only 4 days at the start, then a few weeks at the end of our trip with 4 days in Singapore somewhere in between) We can’t wait to explore more of what Malaysia has to offer!

What are your thoughts?

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