Our To-Do List

Our To-Do List: It just keeps growing and growing!

Important Stuff:

–          Start a budget

–          Make a budget for whilst we are overseas, in relation to our budget.

–          Save like never before – a work in progress

–          Em: Finish your studies before June! – Four electives complete, the final one half-complete.

–          Jake: Finish your studies before April! – He’s being a big slack-o!

–          Open a bank account and commit to a set amount to deposit each week – yeah, that’s sort of happening in a round-about way.

Travel Stuff:

–          Travel Insurance – We’re looking into it.

–          Organise Visas: Sri Lanka Visa, India Visa, Vietnam Visa, Burma Visa – We’ll get our Burma visa whilst in India, and our Vietnam visa whilst in Thailand.

–          Book remaining flight paths: Sri Lanka – India, Vietnam – Malaysia.

–          Read every travel book, forum, guide, article etc. No Jake, that does not include Manga! – A work in progress.

–          Photocopy documents for family members and each other’s packs.

–          Photocopy full flight itinerary for family members and ourselves.

–          E-mail copies of all documents to family members and to ourselves.

–          Read through guide books we’ve purchased. – In progress.

–          Start planning/researching/finding out about the places we want to go to in each country. – in progress.

–          Make a general time-line.

–          Have more passport photographs taken for travel/visas.

–          Finalise a packing list.

–          Pack Backpacks

Medical Stuff:

–          Dentist check-ups for both of us.

–          Orthodontist for Em – new lingual wire.

–          Optometrist for Em. – new glasses & sunglasses for trip.

–          Travel Doctor Appointment: Consultation and any outstanding jabs: Flu, Tetanus, Japanese Encephalitis.

–          Prepare and organise all medication for travel, along with letters from medical practitioners.

–          Jake: Appointment with specialist.

–          Jake: Acquire required amount of medication for 7 month and letter from specialist.

–          Photocopy and e-mail copies of all required medical documents.

–          Build a first-aid kit.

House Stuff:

–          Organise the sale of Jake’s Car: Put up for sale

–          Sell Jake’s car.

–          Cull our clothing # 1: (A few months before we leave) Garage sale/Gumtree/Charity

–          Cull our clothing # 2: (A week before we leave) Charity

–          Store our goods – thanks mum!

–          Sort through our belongings and try to get rid of the stuff that is clogging too much of our space.

–          Try and sell the stuff we don’t want.

–          Give to charity the stuff we don’t want/can’t be bothered selling.

–          Have a garage sale.

–          Sort through pantry before we leave – give to donation bins/family/friends/housemates food we haven’t used up.

–          Finalise and cease renting.

Other Stuff:

–          Redirect any mail.

–          Mobile Phones – what is happening with them?

–          Buy an AUS Netbook plug.

–          Quit Jobs: Jake’s Job, Em’s Job 1, Em’s Job 2, Em’s Job 3.

–          Keep going to gym… shit!

–          Organise going away celebration/get-together with family and friends.

Items to Buy before we Travel:

–          Look at the travel gear we already have, and work out what we still need to purchase.

–          Hiking Boots for Jake

–          Travel Sandals for both of us.

–          New thongs (flip flops/jandals/slippers) for Jake

–          Jake: New Travel Pants, Travel Shirts, Underwear

–          Em: Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses, 1 x pair travel pants

–          Mosquito Net

–          Steri Pen

–          Decent drink bottle for Em

–          SheWee (yes, we know, we know… but it WILL come in handy!)

–          Backpack Rain Coat: For Em, For Jake.

–          Adaptor Plugs

–          Items for Medical Kit

–          Basic toiletries items (toothbrush, toothpaste etc.)


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