Who Are We?

We are Jake and Em.

We are two farangs – white people – from Melbourne, Australia, who are much more comfortable wearing our backpacks, thongs (flip-flops/jandals/etc.) and thai fisherman pants, rather than in suits, high-heels and work attire. We are travellers.

We cook and eat rice and asian inspired food most days of our lives. We live for asian food – just ask us about our asian cook-book collection! We live in the heart of ‘little Vietnam’, we visit the wet markets daily, and the sounds of screaming Vietnamese market touters is much more comforting to us than the sourrounds of big-chain supermarkets.
We are self-proclaimed sushi makers, curry eaters, pho slurpers… and yes, it’s true, we own a Japanese grill. We are asian wanna-be chefs.

We read asian inspired books and watch asian inspired films. Jake is especially interested in these asian films and fictional books, where as Em tries to read every travel book, travel blog, travel forum, guide book, travel literature novel, and newspaper article on travel. She also reads the Cambodian newspapers online every now and then, just becuase. We are avid learners.

We talk about travel with others. Alot. We love to hear others stories, learn from others, and tell of our own adventures. Em especially tries to drop the topic casually into any conversation, where ever possible. We are storytellers.

We thrive in new places, and with lots of people. We love being where the locals are at. We love the small thrills of pungent food smells, old run-down alleyways, rickshaw rides and night market bazars. We can handle large crowds, and we like going to places that lots of people wont. Luckily Jake has an astoundingly good sense of direction!
We are adventurers.

We aren’t afraid of getting dirty, traveling rough, living simply, eating at street food stalls (…well, maybe only at the more reputable ones), and trying new things… “yes, we will try that fertilized duck egg, thank you – please pass the vietnamese mint and some chilli.” We understand asian culture as so different to our own, and we accept that completely. We are able to adapt to a different lifestyle quickly and happily, and for this reason, we feel blessed. We are open minded.

We value people, and we value life. We have respect for people, for living things and for life. We try to keep our travel foot print small, we show respect for different cultures, beliefs, religions and traditions. We give back to communities where we can and help the locals. We have open hearts.

Em does the peace sign in every photo. We are asians at heart.

8 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. I love this intro, and your blog. I agree with you so much on the reasons why we travel, and the things we should learn – cooking, culture and history fascinate me too. I love that you have so much info on SE Asia. Our first stop in Bangkok, and then we have 11 weeks to explore Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos before flying out of KL to Japan. So excited, and love your Top 10 suggestions. Very helpful!!

    • Your trip sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures. You’ll love all those places. And Japan…well, Japan is just amazing. Em’s spiritual homeland ๐Ÿ™‚

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